How This Woman Built a 40-Year Career in the Tech Industry

Cindi Grace, VP of Global Marketing and Communications for Western Digital, talks about the evolution of the multi-billion-dollar technology firm and the importance of a work culture that is accepting of mistakes.

David Meltzer 

These High School Best Friends Achieved Their Dream of Being Their Own Bosses. Their Next Step? Starting a Wellness Revolution.

Entrepreneurship involves a lot of blood, sweat and tears — especially when your business is designed to make people sweat.

Dan Bova

Shannon Keith Is Fighting Sex Trafficking in India, One Beautiful Pajama Set at a Time

Keith’s clothing line, Sudara, is putting women to work, helping them escape the brothels that so often thrive on poverty.

Kathleen Griffith 

Bridging The Women Employment Gap

What can we as startup entrepreneurs do to enable a holistic work environment to incentivize more women to join the workforce?

Sanna Vohra 

Breaking Barriers: Decoding India’s Shepreneurs

Looking at women who dared to break the glass ceiling and tracing their entrepreneurial journeys

Bhavya Kaushal 

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